The Receiving End Of Sirens "Between The Heart And The Synapse" CD

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Between The Heart And The Synapse CD from The Receiving End Of Sirens!

"Prologue" � 0:42
"Planning A Prison Break" � 5:18
"The Rival Cycle" � 5:30
"The Evidence" � 4:20
"The War of All Against All" � 6:30
"...Then I Defy You, Stars" � 5:06
"Intermission" � 4:32
"This Armistice" � 5:55
"Broadcast Quality" � 4:50
"Flee The Factory" � 5:20
"Dead Men Tell No Tales" � 4:11
"Venona" � 5:35
"Epilogue" � 13:09

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