The Network "Bishop Kent Manning" CD

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1. From Holy Water to Holy Wars
2. Following and Failing
3. Your Own Personal Time Bomb
4. Service with a Smile
5. Telethons for the Rich
6. Paranoid Deserter
7. Easter Just Stopped Showing up
8. Corpse Paint
9. You Fucking Fakes
10. Bishop Kent Manning

Bitter times force disgruntled outcomes. New Hampshire's the_Network is bruised and wounded, but never broken. Five friends sought out to forcibly shove a middle finger in the face of repugnant atrocities, while ramming a filth-laden shoe down its neck in angst. the_Network is pissed off, refusing to sit still and act as an obedient lap dog. These boys aren't afraid to piss you off, and will do so with a smile and right hook to the gut.

Bishop Kent Manning will make you a believer in the existence of punk music once again with fists-clenched, abrasively spitting on all within its proximity.

Metal Blade Records item #147642

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