The Destro "As The Coil Unwinds" CD

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1. Intro
2. Rivers Bottom
3. Beast Burden
4. The Offering
5. Knife In Hand
6. As The Coil Unwinds
7. Bridges Will Burn
8. Structures Collapse
9. Stained Glass
10. Sever The Ties
11. Forever Embedded

In the endless wake of faceless whatever you want to call it 'core bands, The Destro plows through stereo types and labels with a sound they can call their own. Singer, Eric describes, "We just take all our influences which are everything from classic rock and blues to grind's a mixture of what we grew up with, here in Texas." -Guitarist Nick continues-"No fashion, no gimmicks, no fancy haircuts...just honest music. We cut out all the bulls**t. This band plays music with soul and we are not here to try and fit into a mold."

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