The Company Band "Pros & Cons CD" CD

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Five years ago in a small wood shed in central Pennsylvania, 5 men conspired together for one purpose and one purpose only: to make kick ass rock and roll music. That group, The Company Band, is Dave Bone, Neil Fallon (Clutch), Brad Davis (Fu Manchu), Jess Margera (CKY), and James A. Rota (Fireball Ministry).

Now, after one e.p., "Sign Here, Here, and Here"and one eponymous l.p. "he Company Band," comes the "Pros & Cons" e.p. Recorded and mixed at the legendary L.A. studio, Grandmaster Recorders by Andrew Alekel, "Pros & Cons" keeps true to The Company Band's original mission, offering five tracks of straight up kick ass rock and roll.

Track Listing
1) House of Capricorn
2) Black Light Fever
3) Kill Screen
4) Loc-Nar
5) El Dorado

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