Testament "Dark Roots Of Earth" CD

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Testament "Dark Roots Of Earth" Deluxe Edition CD
Includes bonus tracks and a bonus DVD.



  • Rise Up
  • Native Blood
  • Dark Roots of Earth
  • True American Hate
  • A Day in the Death
  • Cold Embrace
  • Man Kills Mankind
  • Throne of Thorns
  • Last Stand for Independence
  • Dragon Attack [Queen Cover] [Bonus Track]
  • Animal Magnetism [Scorpions Cover] [Bonus Track]
  • Powerslave [Iron Maiden Cover] [Bonus Track]
  • Throne of Thornes [Extended Version] [Bonus Track]
  • [DVD]
  • Practice What You Preach [Live]
  • Over the Wall [Live]
  • Souls of Black [Live]
  • Bonus Material

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