Terminal Nation / Kruelty "The Ruination Of Imperialism (colored vinyl)" 12"

Color: Sea Blue Cloudy
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Terminal Nation / Kruelty "The Ruination Of Imperialism" Sea Blue Cloudy vinyl

Reinforcing the fact of being one of the heaviest bands on the planet, Terminal Nation offer three new tracks on the A side, declaring all out war on the imperial masters pulling the world’s strings. The darkness of death metal and Bolt Thrower’s tank march matched with the ferocious power of the hardcore breakdown, the songs are teeming with a nation’s rage on the brink of boiling over into full blown chaos.

Kruelty similarly have found the sweet spot where hardcore meets old school steamrolling death and doom metal. “Suppression” and “Under Your Pressure” reveal some of the bands most punishing, structure-leveling riffs and bloodied beatdowns to date.

Additionally each vocalist from Terminal Nation and Kruelty also appear with guest vocals on a track from the other with Tatami of Kruelty appearing on Terminal Nation’s “Sacrificial Capital” and Stan Liszewski of Terminal Nation appearing on Kruelty’s “Under Your Pressure.” Heaviest split of 2022? Easily…



1. Terminal Nation - Curators of Brutality 04:01
2. Terminal Nation - Sacrificial Capital 04:29
3. Terminal Nation - Embalmed Crucifix 03:57
4. Kruelty - Suppression 06:10
5. Kruelty - Under Your Pressure 06:37

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