Suicidal Tendencies "Suicidal For Life" CD

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Originally released in 1994, the classic 'Suicidal for Life' contains the hit 'Love Vs. Loneliness', By the time of this album's release, main man Mike Muir, alias Cyco Miko, was yearning for the freedom of the indie life once more.


Track List:

  • Invocation
  • Don't Give a F***
  • No F***'n Problem
  • Suicyco Muthaf***a
  • F***ed Up Just Right!
  • No Bullshit
  • What Else Could I Do?
  • What You Need's a Friend
  • I Wouldn't Mind
  • Depression and Anguish
  • Evil
  • Love Vs. Loneliness
  • Benediction

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