Storace "Live And Let Live (Digipak)" CD

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The new solo release from Krokus frontman, Marc Storace!

Marc became the voice of KROKUS in 1979. After their first album with Marc, "Metal Rendez-Vous" (with the hit "Bedside Radio"), the rise to a successful international career was unstoppable. KROKUS played several world tours and sold over 15 million records and won many gold and platinum awards. After internal quarrels, KROKUS broke up and Marc released the album “Blue” in 1991 with the band “Blue”. The hit "You Can't Stop The Rainfall" is still played on the radio today.

In the 90s and 2000s Marc starred in 2 feature films (“ANUK” and “HANDYMAN”), and again achieved gold status with various KROKUS formations and 3 albums. Marc stayed present with his fans with many guest appearances such as “Rock Meets Classic”, “Sweet 50th Anniversary”, “Ken Hensley live in Switzerland”, “Schubert In Rock”, or on the albums of Manfred Ehlert's “Amen” and the rock opera “Test”.

In 2008 the music scene was surprised with the news that the original formation of KROKUS would go on tour again. The success was indescribable. Tours in the USA, Japan, Europe and South America as well as 2 new studio albums, which in turn achieved platinum status, proved that KROKUS was still flourishing after more than 2000 shows in the last 30 years. In December 2019, KROKUS played their farewell concert in the sold out Hallenstadion in Zurich.

Marc started working on his solo release at the beginning of 2021. His debut solo CD will be released in February of 2022 and he will go on tour to support it with his new namesake band “STORACE”. Even longtime fans will be amazed at the newfound enthusiasm with which “STORACE” rocks the stage. Marc and the band will showcase songs from this new CD as well as songs spanning the entirety of his long and storied career.


01 - Live And Let Live

02 - High On Love

03 - Lady Of The Night

04 - Carry The Burden

05 - Broken Wings

06 - No Place To Hide

07 - Don't Wanna Go

08 - Love Over Money

09 - Time Waits For No One

10 - Paradise

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