Sepultura "Roots 25th Anniversary (Gimme Exclusive)" Boxset

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Only 150 left worldwide!

Sepultura Roots 25th Anniversary deluxe edition remastered for ultimate fidelity. Features bonus demos, alternates rough mixes and more!

This limited edition color pressing has an added twist: 10% of the entire run is pressed on crystal clear vinyl!

That’s right, you’ve got a 1 in 10 chance of owning a very limited version of this anniversary edition of ROOTS. It’s random. You won’t know, until you have it in your hands. Good hunting, friends.

Includes a previously unreleased live at Ozzfest (Phoenix AZ 1996) performance found in the Warner vaults and exclusive to this box, a custom spot-varnished hard box with 3 gatefold tip-on jackets and new custom artwork.
Includes exclusive embroidered patch and fold out poster.

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