Schammasch "Triangle (Black Splatter on Gold)" Limited Edition 3x12"

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Full length 2016

Triple gatefold LP

5th Pressing (2021)

Black splatter on gold, limited version

Disc 1 - The Process of Dying
1. Crepusculum
2. Father's Breath
3. In Dialogue with Death
4. Diluculum
5. Consensus
6. Awakening from the Dream of Life
Disc 2 - Metaflesh
1. The World Destroyed by Water
2. Satori
3. Metanoia
4. Above the Stars of God
5. Conclusion
Disc 3 - The Supernal Clear Light of the Void
1. The Third Ray of Light
2. Cathartic Confession
3. Jacob's Dream
4. Maelstrom
5. The Empyrean

Label: Prosthetic Records
Media Type: 3x 12" LP - Gatefold
Genre: Avantgarde/Black Metal/Ambient/Tribal

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