NightDrive "True Clevelandic Hard Rock" T-Shirt

Color: Black
Size: S
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Funny story time.

A reviewer who writes for a European website, (name intentionally omitted), that primarily covers bands way heavier than us somehow mistook one of our songs with a song by a black metal band with a name that also starts with "night".To his shock and dismay, what the reviewer got was us - a melodic hard rock band.

Not realizing the error, the reviewer went on to actually review the track - summarizing his thoughts at the end of the review by stating "this is the worst black metal band in the world."

Sooooo...introducing the NightDrive black metal tee!

Black metal inspired logo on the front and "True Clevelandic Hard Rock" slogan on the back to pay homage to both the famous Darkthrone "True Norweigan Black Metal" shirt design as well as our hometown of Cleveland.

Why should only the really heavy bands get all the cool logos anyway, right?

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