Mortiferum "Disgorged From Psychotic Depths" 12"

Color: Black
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Mortiferum "Disgorged From Psychotic Depths" 12" vinyl

With “Disgorged From Psychotic Depths”, the monstrous offering MORTIFERUM have spewed forth crawls as an anguished slab of death doom filth of the most wretched order. Dark and foreboding through monolithic brutal crestfallen riffs and malformed dissonant rhythmic rumblings “Disgorged From Psychotic Depths” is a towering and dreadful benefaction of atmospheric imposing death metal ruin and depravity reeking of the stench of the early ‘90s American and Finnish death metal scenes.



1. Archaic Vision Of Despair
2. Inhuman Effigy
3. Putrid Ascension
4. Funeral Hallucinations
5. Interlude (Anamnesis)
6. Faceless Apparition

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