Morbid Angel " Kingdoms Disdained" CD

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Morbid Angel "Kingdoms Disdained" CD

Kingdoms Disdained finds legendary guitarist and founder Trey Azagthoth reigniting his creative alchemy with vocalist/bassist Steve Tucker to create a crushingly heavy and highly apocalyptic soundtrack for these increasingly dark times. Relentless and unrepentant Kingdoms Disdained abounds with sheer, brutal power, complex changes and a gloriously violent death metal underpinning, an album designed to confront fans and non-believers alike, with Tucker's lyrics destined to spark deep conversation on several angles of mysticism and darkness. "Garden of Disdain" proclaims 'this world of useless being, this endless festering' as the unceasing riff's weight further augments the song's meaning, while the barbaric barrage of "Architect and Iconoclast" roars 'I am all prophecies fulfilled, yet you refuse to see this.' Azagthoth produces some of his finest work yet, his demonically-heavy riffs and lead work finding a powerful delivery vehicle via the strength of Scotty Fuller's insane percussion and Tucker's relentless vocal savagery. The supreme solo during "The Righteous Voice" underscores Azagthoth's unique creative arrangements, and in "For No Master", Azagthoth illustrates that no guitarist in the genre orchestrates, and translates, dark chaos so masterfully.



Piles of Little Arms
Garden of Disdain
The Righteous Voice
Architect and Iconoclast
Paradigms Warped
The Pillars Crumbling
For No Master
Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)
From the Hand of Kings
The Fall of Idols
Piles of Little Arms (Instrumental Version)
Battlebots (Instrumental Version)
Sludge Creeper (Instrumental Version)
Acid Crusher (Instrumental Version)
7 String Swing (Instrumental Version)
Warped (Instrumental Version)
Secret Hell (Instrumental Version)

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