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Bundle includes:

-Logo tee

-Limited Editon Digipak CD copy of Demonization

The World continues to sink deeper beyond repair...

After amicably parting company with long standing vocalist and metal brother Tomas Lindberg LOCK UP were honored to have Kevin Sharp step up to the plate and infuse the band with his unique take on pan-demonic  Grind & Death hybrid attack!

As a long, long standing friend of the band, Kevin has added flavors to the already fermenting satanic cocktail of disharmony. A pot that is stirred ferociously with Anton's insane, twisted riffs, Nick’s mentally charged drum beating and Shane's sub tone demonic bass growls!

The Dregs of Hades have a new strand of demented DNA !.

The band' s new album "Demonization" has been long in the making for many reasons...

Logistically, the band is based in different corners of the globe. Life invades at any given moment to disrupt the thought process as it does for anyone in the world, But also at the same time the brutality of life has also inspired the band's creative process in many other

Lyrically this record deals with the rise and the fall and the rise again of the human consciousness. The struggle to resist the powers that be, the addiction of escape, the turmoil of reality and how to
survive through the carnage and come out on the other side stronger....the reborn phoenix!

Musically on the new album guitarist Anton Reisenegger's riffs scream out in every mutated direction - fast, heavy and darkly colorful, An homage to the underground from which the band members all came from, but at the same time setting new standards in extremity.

Nick Barker's drumming surpasses lightning speeds of precision.The chaos is joyfully indefinable as he charges through the compositions like a red bull to the flag of hate!

Shane Embury's bass tones once again Invoke rapid, low-end bestial bowel movements to carry the lost souls across the river Styx!

And last but not least Kevin Sharp; what else needs to be said ? 27 years of demonic guttural exorcisms that continue to inspire the world underdogs to get through another day at work. 

It just doesn't get any better!
Watch the eagles fly...

01 - Blood and Emptiness
02 - The Decay Within The Abyss
03 - Locust
04 - Demonization
05 - Demons Raging
06 - Desolation Architect
07 - Instruments of Armageddon
08 - Sunk
09 - The Plague That Stalks The Darkness
10  - Foul From The Pure
11 - Mind Fight
12 - Void
13 - Secret Parallel World
14 - We Challenge Death
Bonus Digipak Tracks
15 - Life To Grave
16 - Shut The Light 

Shane Embury
Kevin Sharp
Nick Barker
Anton Reisenegger

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