Lizzy Borden "The Murderess Metal Road Show" DVD

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1. Council for the Cauldron
2. Flesheater
3. Warfare
4. No Time to Lose
5. Rod of Iron
6. Save Me
7. Godiva
8. Psychopath
9. Love You to Pieces
10. Live and Let Die
11. Kiss of Death
12. Red Rum
13. American Metal
14. Give 'em the Axe
15. Finale

This DVD features the Murderess Metal Road Show concert, live, from Dec. 13, 1985, in entirety, including all 15 tracks. Also included is a brand new interview with Lizzy Borden, a complete Lilzzy Borden live photo gallery circa: 1985 and a complete Lizzy Borden discography. Recorded at the Country Club in Los Angeles.

Metal Blade Records item #340299

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