Labyrinth of Stars "Spectrum Xenomorph" 12"

Color: Xenomorphic Slime Edition
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Labyrinth of Stars "Spectrum Xenomorph" 12" vinyl
Xenomorphic Slime Edition (limited to 300 copies)

Founded by Markus Siegenhort (Lantlos), Christian Kolf (Valborg, Owl) and Dirk Stark, LABYRINTH OF STARS (LOS) present their stunning debut record entitled “Spectrum Xenomorph”. Eight tracks of purely dissonant otherworldly Death Metal intertwined with ancient technologies, cold extraterrestrial steel and xenomorphic entities. LABYRINTH OF STARS encapsulate disorientation in deep space and the bright horror of ethereal beauty in the aural form.

ALL LPs come housed in heavy 350 gsm weight stock Jacket with insert!

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