Kronos "Arisen New Era" 12"

Color: White and Blue Haze
Sale price$20.00


With three albums under their belt, French brutal death metal act Kronos has established quite a name for itself based solely on the musical unity of harmony and violence. Featuring a continuous textual reference to the gods of ancient civilizations, Kronos punctures the ears and infuses the spirit with a heightened level of dynamism currently practiced only by a select number of bands. Now that this Gallic Titan has blossomed into a powerful entity, after several tours and festivals such as Hellfest, Neurotic Death Fest, Obscene Extreme, death feast open air and many more, it is ready to vanquish and destroy the world with musical bloodlust with a new album "Arisen New Era". The vinyl limited edition features white and blue haze wax and free download card.

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