Kenn Nardi "Trauma" 2xCD

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Limited Bonus CD Edition (1,000 Copies Worldwide)
Divebomb Records 2xCD

Having been the core visionary of legendarily distinctive progressive metal outfit Anacrusis, KENN NARDI needs no introduction. Throughout 2021, a sudden burst of inspiration during the peculiar times of this pandemic age led Kenn to an outpouring of new solo material, ultimately resulting in the long-awaited follow-up to his massive 2014 double-album, Dancing With the Past (which received accolades from an array of international outlets—more than one citing it album of the year).

Titled simply Trauma, the 75-minute outing continues to explore the wide-ranging emotional and textured niche of thought-provoking metal for which only KENN NARDI could be responsible. Arguably even more Anacrusis-like than its predecessor, Trauma's 13 tracks are certain to find longtime fans of KENN NARDI's work enraptured at every turn—from the churning, dissonant surges of opener "Clarion Call"; to the subtle orchestration and melodic hooks of "A Reckoning"; or the dramatic contrasts of 11-minute finale, "The Orphan."

With artwork once more delivered by Eliran Kantor, the first 1,000 copies of Trauma will additionally include an exclusive six-song bonus disc containing two new studio cuts plus four reinterpretations of Anacrusis classics. In keeping with KENN NARDI 's recent influx of creativity and excitement, Trauma has been fast-tracked for a late-2021/early-2022 release!

1. Clarion Call
2. Masquerade
3. Trauma
4. The Time For Tears (Dry Your Eyes)
5. A Reckoning
6. Blessed Are
7. Quiet Wars
8. Shed My Skin
9. Grace Is Greater
10. No Surprise
11. Absence Of Presence
12. Light Up The Shadows
13. The Orphan

Limited Edition Bonus Disc
1. Morningsong
2. Watching Through Darkness
3. What You Became [2021 Version]
4. Release [2021 Version]
5. Far Too Long [2021 Version]
6. Brotherhood [2021 Version]


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