Jawbreaker "24 Hour Revenge Therapy" 12"

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Jawbreaker "24 Hour Revenge Therapy" vinyl

24 Hour Revenge Therapy, released in early 1994, was Jawbreaker’s third album. After the more “progressive” Bivouac, the trio had returned to a straightforward, poppier sound, and the resulting full-length is widely regarded as their best. The bulk of the recording was done by noted independent producer Steve Albini (though it is officially credited to Albini’s cat, Fluss). 



The Boat Dreams from the Hill
Ashtray Monument
Condition Oakland
Do You Still Hate Me?
West Bay Invitational
Jinx Removing
In Sadding Around

2014 reissue bonus tracks:

The Boat Dreams from the Hill (alternate take)
Boxcar (alternate take)
Do You Still Hate Me (alternate take)
Jinx Removing (alternate take)
First Step (outtake)
Friends Back East (outtake)

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