Infant Annihilator "The Battle of Yaldabaoth" CD

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Jewel case w/ 20-page booklet

01 - Childchewer

02 - Three Bastards

03 - The Kingdom Sitteth Lonely Beneath Thine Hollowed Heavens (feat. Trevor Strnad)

04 - Ov Sacrament and Sincest (feat. Storm Strope)

05 - Feast ov Goreglutton

06 - Plaguebearer

07 - Swinaecologist

08 - A Rape of Sirens (feat. Alex Terrible)

09 - Empusa: Queen of the Damned

10 - Ere the Crimson Dawn

11 - Thy Faith, Thy Oblivion

12 - The Battle of Yaldabaoth (feat. Alex Teyen)

13 - Necropocalypse

14 - Paedophilic Legacy 

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