Immolation "Acts Of God" Cassette

Color: Smokey
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2022 release. This 11th studio album serves as the next chapter of Immolation's Death Metal epic. With 5 long years passed since the most recent studio album, Atonement, Acts Of God vigorously showcases Immolation's ability to consistently create fascinating sounds, while still keeping their feet firmly rooted in the old school, New York Death Metal for which they are renowned.


Track List:

  • 1 Abandoned
  • 2 An Act of God
  • 3 The Age of No Light
  • 4 Noose of Thorns
  • 5 Shed the Light
  • 6 Blooded
  • 7 Overtures of the Wicked
  • 8 Immoral Stain
  • 9 Incineration Procession
  • 10 Broken Prey
  • 11 Derelict of Spirit
  • 12 When Halos Burn
  • 13 Let the Darkness in
  • 14 And the Flames Wept
  • 15 Apostle

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