Gorerotted "Only Tools And Corpses" CD

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1. Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza
2. Hacked In The Back Dumped In A Sack
3. Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass
4. Only Tools And Corpses
5. Her Gash I Did Slash
6. Can't Fit Her Limbs In The Fridge
7. Village People Of The Damned
8. Masticated By The Spasticated
9. To Catch A Killer

Only Tools And Corpses is a form of splatter/grind/death Metal with a crusty, punk edge that could only come out of the downtrodden slums of London. Just like "Mutilated in Minutes", you won't find an album filler lurking here. "Only Tools and Corpses" is a 9-song assault on the senses. A ride of intense brutality that will leave your adrenaline pumping and your blood racing.

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