Ghoul "We Came For The Dead" 12"

Color: Black
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Join Ghoul in their original 3-piece incarnation as they introduce you to their weird world of horror and splatterthrash! This debut album, We Came for the Dead, begins the story of the cannibal neanderthals in Creepsylvania where people are hunted, eaten and moshed!

This album will make you relive the glory days of old school thrash and death metal. This album will make you wish you were in the mosh. This album will make you bang your head. This album will make you dead.

Recorded and mixed in the Catacombs by Andrew LaBarre. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Cover art by the inimitable Jason Karns of Fukitor fame!

1. Ghoul/Graveyard Mosh
2. Rot Gut
3. Tomb After Tomb
4. We Came for the Dead!!!
5. Soon, They'll Scream
6. From Death to Dust
7. Coffins and Curios
8. Suspicious Chunks
9. Skull Beneath the Skin

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