Gevurah "Gehinnom" 12"

Color: Black
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Gevurah "Gehinnom" 12" vinyl

Somber and vicious Black Metal, yet authentic and efficient in its delivery, "Gehinnom" is a journey through the physical and metaphysical desert, realm of death and transformation. From the pits of “Gehinnom”, GEVURAH tread deeper into the abyss towards the final resurrection, with eyes opened and spirit liberated. Each track represents a step in this process of negating the flesh, linking microcosm with macrocosm and deepening the fall of Man.



1. Gehinnom
2. At The Orient Of Eden
3. Blood-Soaked Katabasis
4. Towards The Shifting Sands
5. LV: 6-22
6. Memento, Homo…
7. Gloria In Exelsis Deo, Et Ira Ad Homines In Terra

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