Fates Warning "No Exit (Signal Red Marbled Vinyl)" 12"

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Please note: Actual vinyl color may differ from mock

01. No Exit
02. Anarchy Divine
03. Silent Cries
04. In a Word
05. Shades of Heavenly Death

06. The Ivory Gate of Dreams
I. Innocence
II. Cold Daze
III. Daylight Dreamers
IV. Quietus
V. Ivory Tower
VI. Whispers on the Wind
VII. Acquiescence
VIII. Retrospect

Vinyl Features:
+ Signal Red Marbled Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ 2-Sided Folded Poster (~24" x 24")
+ Digital Download Card
+ European Import

Metal Blade Records item #251686
Code: FatesWarning-Vinyl-2020

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