Epica "Design Your Universe - Gold Edition" 2xCD

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Epica - Design Your Universe 2cd gold edition digipak! 

CD 1:

01. Samadhi

02. Resign To Surrender

03. Unleashed

04. Martyr Of The Free Word

05. Our Destiny

06. Kingdom Of Heaven

07. The Price Of Freedom

08. Burn To A Cinder

09. Tides Of time

10. Deconstruct

11. Semblance Of Liberty

12. White Waters

13. Design Your Universe

14. Incentive

Cd 2:

01. Burn To A Cinder - acoustic version

02. Our Destiny - acoustic version

03. Unleashed - acoustic version

04. Martyr Of The Free World - acoustic version

05. Design Your Universe - acoustic version

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