Desaster "Churches Without Saints (Amber Marbled Vinyl)" 12"

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01. The Grace of Sin (Intro)
02. Learn to Love the Void
03. Failing Trinity
04. Exile Is Imminent
05. Churches Without Saints
06. Hellputa

07. Sadistic Salvation
08. Armed Architects of Annihilation (In Clarity for Total Death)
09. Primordial Obscurity
10. Endless Awakening
11. Aus Asche (Outro)

Vinyl Features:
+ Amber Marbled Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ Digital Download Card
+ Limited Edition European Import

Since 1989 Germany's Desaster have been churning out their unique and unholy blend of extreme metal, and in 2021 they return with perhaps their most powerful album to date, the towering 'Churches Without Saints'. "It's a typical Desaster old school black-death-thrash metal album, with a lot of aggression, but also great atmosphere and epic tunes!" enthuses guitarist and founder member Infernal. With a simple remit of making an album full of "neck-breaking songs" the quartet have once again proven themselves leaders in their chosen genres, giving their faithful and newcomers alike plenty to salivate over.

Metal Blade Records Item #157686
Code: Desaster-Churches-2021

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