Deeds of Flesh "Trading Pieces" CD

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions proudly present the classic and long out of print debut Deeds Of Flesh album "Trading Pieces"! Originally released on June 13th 1996 via Repulse Records, none are more vile than Deeds Of Flesh on "Trading Pieces"... true innovators of violence and pioneers of brutal, technical Death Metal. "Trading Pieces" still stands out as one of the most creative, unique and vicious releases of the 90's that is worthy of repeat listens. Pushing the limits of technicality and brutality, Deeds Of Flesh unleash a masterpiece of twisted, pummeling, blasting and slamming savagery that is complex, technical, and maddening. Ultra-guttural deranged vocals, razor-sharp relentless riffs, frantic chaotic bass and bone-crushing inhuman drumming make "Trading Pieces" a sinister slab of Death Metal perfection. This officially licensed reissue features an all new layout design and is dedicated to Deeds Of Flesh founder Erik Lindmark... Rest In Power! For fans of Broken Hope, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Defeated Sanity, Devourment, Disgorge, Gorguts, Immolation, Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia and Suffocationcredits

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