Deeds of Flesh "Crown of Souls" CD

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"Crown of Souls" is the 2005 album released by brutal death metal band Deeds of Flesh.

It retains a similar style to their previous album "Reduced to Ashes". The album was followed up with a music video by critically acclaimed music video director Benjamin Kantor. The video was released on their "Deeds of Flesh: Live In Montreal" DVD.

Track listing:

1. "Crown of Souls"
2. "Medical Murder"
3. "Hammer-Forged Blade"
4. "Forced Attrition"
5. "This Macabre Fetish"
6. "The Resurrected"
7. "Incontestably Evil"
8. "Crimson Offering"
9. "Caught Devouring"

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