Cryptopsy "And Then You'll Beg" Cassette

Color: Black
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Cryptopsy "And Then You'll Beg" black cassette

Legendary death metal outfit from Canada - CRYPTOPSY - "AND THEN YOU’LL BEG" - Now available as a Music Cassette!

And Then You'll Beg was the fourth studio album by Canadian technical death metal band Cryptopsy, originally released in 2000. It was the first album with guitarist Alex Auburn, and the last album with vocalist Mike DiSalvo and guitarist Jon Levasseur, until Levasseur returned in 2011

For fans of Dying Fetus, Origin, Aborted and Suffocation



1. ...and Then It Passes
2. We Bleed
3. Voice of Unreason
4. My Prodigal Sun
5. Shroud
6. Soar and Envision Sore Vision
7. Equivalent Equilibrium
8. Back to the Worms
9. Screams Go Unheard

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