Bog Body "Cryonic Crevasse Cult " 12"

Color: Black
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Bog Body "Cryonic Crevasse Cult " 12" vinyl

Following in the footsteps of their 2018 demo “Through the Burial Bog” and 2020’s MLP “The Gate of Grief,” BOG BODY traversing beyond the seracs and into the crevasses of black death, have transcended the cultic guts of black metal’s early forefathers with a subsonic war doom incursion for their debut album that’s as much a dirge as it is pandemonic fervor.



01. Paralytic Pit Of Swallowed Graves
02. Dregs Soar To The Skies
03. The Temple Of The Inevitable Flame
04. Ice Stained Kurgan
05. Cryonic Crevasse Cult
06. Mystery Of The Yaghan Bones
07. Frigid Shivs Slit Their Throats
08. The Graveyard Of Dead Cratons

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