Allegaeon "Proponent for Sentience - Marbled Violet" 2x12"

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01. Proponent for Sentience I - The Conception
02. All Hail Science
03. From Nothing

04. Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata Ex Machinea
05. Of Mind and Matrix
06. Proponent for Sentience II - The Algorithm

07. Demons of an Intricate Design
08. Terrathaw and the Quake
09. Cognitive Computations

10. The Arbiters
11. Proponent for Sentience III - The Extermination
12. Subdivisions

Vinyl Features:
+ Gatefold Jacket
+ Double Violet Marbled Vinyl

With Proponent For Sentience, Allegaeon have delivered a musically complex, intelligent, and absorbing concept album that can rightfully sit alongside the true greats of the medium. With a lyrical arc rooted in science-fiction yet uncomfortably encroaching upon the reality of the present, the record captures the Fort Collins, Colorado natives at their most ambitious and accomplished, pushing the boundaries even further than on their three previous critically acclaimed full-lengths. "With this record we're bringing ideas to the table that corroborate the fact that at this juncture, robotics as a field is moving forward at an alarming rate," explains vocalist Riley McShane. "This story is dotted with examples of real-life scientific advancements, and it is also perforated with details of humanity's flaws. Overall, the record tells a story that is still a bit too far fetched to be based in reality, but isn't too far beyond the scope of imagination to see occurring within the not-so-distant future." The title of the record encapsulates this, yet there is a dichotomy that is integral to the story. "On one hand there's the stance of 'I'm a proponent for sentience to help the human race'," explains guitarist Greg Burgess. "On the other hand it's a misanthropic statement - 'I'm a proponent for sentience, so machines will recognize the vastly negative impact of humanity and wipe us off the planet.'

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Code: ALG-Sentience-2016

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