3 "Wake Pig" CD

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1. Alien Angel
2. Monster
3. Dregs
4. Wake Pig
5. Bramfatura
6. Trust
7. Dogs Of War
8. Soul To Sell
9. One Way Town
10. Queen
11. Circus Without Clowns
12. Where's Max
13. Amaze Disgrace

3 is a band apart: Dark yet uplifting, spiritual without any connection to religion - theirs is a sound that transcends the genre conformity of modern pop culture. Rapid-fire acoustic guitar infused with dynamic percussion, animated drumming and thunderous bass culminate in a listening experience that is at once accessible and unique. Poly-rhythms pulse within a symphony of driving metal guitars and melodic vocal acrobatics. 3 offers musicality without pretension. We double dare any music writer to describe the sound.

The Woodstock, NY-based group came together in the mid -1990's and very quickly developed a strong local following. In the year 2000, 3 landed a recording contract with Planet Noise Records, and released their debut CD, Paint By Number, an exquisite collection of 14 tracks. The CD received international airplay and enthusiastic reviews. It has been a steady seller through in-store and on-line distribution.

In 2003, 3 released their follow up CD, Summer Camp Nightmare, an album that marked an evolutionary leap in the bands already highly developed sound. When fellow NY-based rockers Coheed and Cambria got their hands on this record they insisted that 3 hit the road with them, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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