Thy Art Is Murder 2020 World Tour T-Shirts

Thy Art Is Murder 2020 World Tour T-Shirts


2020 World Tour CANCELLED
Like many of you, our lives have been turned upside down by the Covid situation that has been racing around the world for the past year. This limited commemorative tee may represent tours you couldn't see, shows we couldn't play, but for our crew it represents jobs lost, and total upheaval of their lives. We are forever grateful to all of you who have continued to support us by listening to our music online, buying records, sharing your memories of TAIM shows and picking up merch from one of our online stores. 
One thing that has been at the core of our band for the past year has been to continue looking after these people who have looked after us every day for the past ten years of touring. Our crew are consumate professionals, we believe each and every one of them to be the best person for the job they have with us. They have worked hard for years to attain the skills they have and are the backbone of everything that we do on the road. They are our best friends, they are our family.
Throughout the past year we have tried to divert as much of our own funds their way to help keep them going, to remind them that we support them as they have supported us, and that their jobs will be waiting for them, as we hope you will be waiting for us, when this is all over.
TL;DR - The CANCELLED Imminent Death 2020 World Tour tee is a DIRECT FUND RAISER for them, in partnership with IndieMerchstore who are waiving a good chunk of their fees, ALL PROCEEDS of this shirt will go directly to the folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes for us!

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