Trencher Lips 12"

Trencher Lips 12"

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To the untrained ear Trencher could very well sound like a creative dead end. Wrong. It's important to take into account the humour at play here. Trencher's music is hellish, there's no doubt about that. They certainly sounded like death on their early recordings lo-fi and formlessly segueing slabs of bottom-heavy grind that (dis)graced the world with their presence only on audio cassettes with tracing-paper sleeves. The Trencher of today are different though. Though still developing their beastly formula for Casio destruction they've developed a masterful grasp of structure, an articulation to their chaos that is hard to argue with. To counterbalance the heaviest, sludgiest sawtooth bass guitar there are "House Of Horrors" keyboards; cute little stabs of Casio and clean and direct frequencies. Foregrounded and hilarious Trencher are all about surreal. Their 2006 full album Lips was a slight move away from the soundtrack to a car crash that was Dracula..., you can hear a progression away from total chaos and lack of control to something much more brutal, heavy and structured kind of like an 18 wheeler at a monster truck show colliding in mid-air...on purpose.

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