Deeds of Flesh Nucleus Winter Bundle Bundles

Deeds of Flesh Nucleus Winter Bundle Bundles

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Release Date: December 11, 2020

Bundle Includes:

-Nucleus CD (Digipak)

-Nucleus Zip Hoody

-Nucleus Longsleeve T-shirt

-Nucleus Beanie


The long awaited return of the undisputed kings of Technical Brutal Death Metal - DEEDS OF FLESH.

NUCLEUS is the culmination of years of collaboration and is the final instalment of the Trilogy that began with the ferocity in 'Of What's To Come', followed by the stellar 'Portals To Cannan' and is concluded with the definitive 'Nucleus'.

Recorded with the stellar line up of Jacoby Kingston, Erik Lindmark, Craig Peters, Ivan Munguia, Darren Cesca & Mikey Hamilton, NUCLEUS also features a myriad of guest vocalists. 

This album an instant classic in the genre and has delivered a result beyond all expectations.

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