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Fates Warning Long Day Good Night - CD Bundle Bundles

Fates Warning Long Day Good Night - CD Bundle Bundles

"Long Day Good Night" T-Shirts:


Release Date: November 6, 2020

• "Long Day Good Night" Digibook CD
• "Long Day Good Night" T-Shirt

Digibook CD:
01. The Destination Onward
02. Shuttered World
03. Alone We Walk
04. Now Comes the Rain
05. The Way Home
06. Under the Sun
07. Scars
08. Begin Again
09. When Snow Falls
10. Liar
11. Glass Houses
12. The Longest Shadow of the Day
13. The Last Song

Digibook Features:
+ Hardcover Digibook
+ Uncoated Paper
+ 16-Page Booklet
+ Limited Edition Import

Fates Warning have been a formidable presence in progressive metal for more than 35 years, helping to shape and drive the genre without ever compromising their integrity or losing relevance. They return in 2020 with 'Long Day Good Night', the most epic and longest album of their storied career.

Following touring with Queensrÿche, guitarist Jim Matheos began writing the album in mid-2019, working closely with Alder for about a year, honing the songs, completing 13 for their 13th full-length - which un-coincidentally has a total running time of 72:22. From opener "The Destination Onward", which is a dynamic romp that covers a lot of ground, to the warmer, more contemplative strains of "The Way Home" or the 11+ minutes of "The Longest Shadow Of The Day" that pushes in a number of directions without losing focus, they don't repeat themselves, always delivering the goods with heart.

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