Fifth Hour Hero Scattered Sentences 12"
Scattered Sentences

Fifth Hour Hero Scattered Sentences 12"

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Fifth Hour Hero are back with ten new songs! Genevieve and Olivier are still sharing the vocal duties, interspersing the songs with a sense of unrest and longing, leaning toward the political at points! Here's a pretty cool review of their album from a certain "popular" music magazine:

"Fifth Hour Hero are here to debunk your French Canadian stereotypes.Theyâre not ice-hockey hooligans, but rather, intellectuals with great diction who take their riots to the street with songs skewering the inequalities of society. Singer Genevieve Tremblay flutters and shouts, sounding like the streetwise second cousin of Rainer Mariaâs Caithlin De Marrais. The band have a similarly emotive girl-guy vocal volley, richocheting lyrics of resistance and rebellion over cleanly arranged wallops of tough but sweetly melodic guitar." --Sarah Tomlinson

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