Regulations Regulations 12"

Regulations Regulations 12"

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Regulations follow up their two super hot 7"s with a full throttle full length of catchy hardcore punk rock. Featuring ex members of ETA, these guys left the wild thrash of their youth behind for a more song driving approach to hardcore. The result was a return to the early LA hardcore roots style. Regulations jam in the crucial style of early Black Flag, Circle Jerks, or Adolescents. Imagine a mix of recent Scandinavian bands like Amdi Petersen's Arme, Young Wasteners, DS 13 or No Hope for the Kids. Umeå, Sweden has fostered some of the best hardcore bands of the past decade. From thrashers like DS 13, Rabid Grannies and ETA, classic Swedish punk bands like Knugen Faller and Tristess and raw crust bands like Dodsdömd and 365 Dagar Av Synd. Regulations emerge from this fertile musical ferment to deliver some totally off the hook hardcore punk with tunes that will stick in your head after just one listen.

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