Eremit (Germany) Desert of Ghouls Merge LP Boxset Boxsets
Desert of Ghouls Merge LP Boxset

Eremit (Germany) Desert of Ghouls Merge LP Boxset [Limited Edition] Boxsets

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Release Date: August 30, 2020

The limited edition LP box set will have a red metallic embossing for the logo and UV lamination for the artwork. Each of them will have the following items -

1. 10" Merge LP with embossing and UV lamination
2. Autographed card
3. Album artwork badge
4. A3 size poster
5. Red logo patch
6. Fridge magnet

German sludge/doom metal band EREMIT released a groundbreaking debut in 'Carrier of Weight' which was widely regarded as some of the heaviest sludge/doom music recorded and despite the length of the songs, riveted listeners from all over. Retaining the same mind-numbingly heavy sound, EREMIT trudge forward with brand new material that's even tighter and catchier than before. The two monolithic songs are some of the best in the style and offer brilliant variations without disrupting the inexorable momentum. The sound is crisper without losing its organic roots and the music even showcases influences of blackened sludge, a clear sign of the band's inevitable progression. This is clearly the band's finest hour and it heralds the slew of sludge/doom releases lined up on the label from bands like JUPITERIAN, 71TONMAN and SUBTERRAEN this year. 

Line up -
Moritz Fabian - Guitar and Vocals
Pascal Sommer - Guitar
Marco Bäcker - Drums

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