Stryper Can't Stop The Rock CD
Can't Stop The Rock

Stryper Can't Stop The Rock CD

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This compilation album, released just before the band dissolved in 1992, serves as the first attempt of a "best of" for the group - although the first two tracks were new songs. These two songs would be the last new Stryper material released until their 2003 reunion.

Track List:

  1. "Believe" [new track]
  2. "Can't Stop the Rock" [new track]
  3. "Soldiers Under Command"
  4. "Free"
  5. "Always There for You"
  6. "Lady"
  7. "To Hell with the Devil"
  8. "In God We Trust"
  9. "Honestly"
  10. "Two Bodies (One Mind, One Soul)"
  11. "Together as One"
  12. "You Know What to Do"

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