Depravity (Australia) Evil Upheaval (Death Metal) 12"

Depravity (Australia) Evil Upheaval (Death Metal) [Limited Edition] 12"

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Release Date: December 15, 2018

Death metal was meant to be an assault on the senses but somewhere along the way bands started taking it easy, getting complacent. Enter DEPRAVITY from Australia. They show us how it's to be done, to play devastating death metal without straying from the genre's roots. This is what MORBID ANGEL should've sounded like today. There's no going back or forth. This is it. This is the fiercest expression of death metal while remaining relevant. Louis Rando (IMPIETY, THE FUROR) and his team of musicians conjure up a maelstrom of wicked death metal that lays waste to all else. Vile, twisted and deafeningly heavy, 'Evil Upheaval' is one of the most powerful albums you'll bear witness to this year. 

Mixed and mastered at Hertz Studios (BEHEMOTH, VADER) 

Artwork by Alex Tartsus (DE PROFUNDIS, SINISTER) 

Louis Rando - Drums (IMPIETY, THE FUROR) 
Lynton Cessford - Guitar (ENTRAILS ERADICATED) 
Jamie Kay - Vocals (INANIMACY, ex-THE RITUAL AURA) 
Ainsley Watkins - Bass (ex-SCOURGE) 
Jarrod Curly - Guitar (ex-MALIGNANT MONSTER)