Cognitive Matricide Tee + CD Bundle Bundles

Cognitive Matricide Tee + CD Bundle Bundles

"Matricide" T-Shirts:

Available:  Expected to ship on or around November 7, 2018

Release Date: October 26, 2018

Bundle Includes:

-Matricide CD

-Matricide T-shirt

1. Omnicide
2. Architect of Misery
3. Matricide
4. False Profit
5. With Reckless Abandon
6. Clouds of Rust
7. Fragmented Perception
8. Vessel of Violence
9. Torn from the Void
10. Denouement

Pulverizing Death Metal from Jobbstown, NJ, USA. 
Embracing both the technical and atmospheric spheres of the genre, Cognitive build further on their previous full length 'Deformity' with a more immediate, groove laden opus that only gets better with every listen.