Arsis Visitant Deluxe CD Bundle Bundles

Arsis Visitant Deluxe CD Bundle Bundles

"Wolf Painting" T-Shirts:

Available:  Expected to ship on or around October 26, 2018

Release Date: November 2, 2018

Bundle Includes:

-Visitant CD

-Wolf Painting T-shirt

-Logo Patch 4"x3"

-Lyric Sheet Poster 18"x24" (folded)

-Visitant Demos Dropcard (5 track MP3 download)


1. Tricking the Gods
2. Hell Sworn
3. Easy Prey
4. Fathoms
5. As Deep As Your Flesh
6. A Pulse Keeping Time with the Dark
7. Funereal Might
8. Death Vow
9 Dead is Better
10. Unto the Knife

Vistiant Demos

1. Easy Prey (Demo)
2. Vow of Death (Demo)
3. Deadly Fathom (Demo)
4. The Brotherhood of Sleep (Demo)
5. Cigarette Burns (Demo)