Brand of Sacrifice The Interstice (signed) 10"

Brand of Sacrifice The Interstice (signed) [Limited Edition] 10"

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Release Date: September 14, 2018

Hailing from Toronto and New York, Brand Of Sacrifice are a prime example of genre bending extremity at its absolute finest.

Blastbeats and mechanised riffing collides with sitars, whammy pedals and some of the most guttural offerings in recent years through monster vocalist Kyle Anderson- ‘The Interstice’ shines with unpredictable song structures that are as mind -melting as they are immediately catchy.

BOS bring their own flavor to an overly saturated scene of cookie cutter Deathcore worship- ‘The Interstice’ is a devastating statement of intent- a terrifying first offering from one of the heaviest new acts on the circuit.


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