Satan Cruel Magic - LP Bundle - Ochre Bundles

Satan Cruel Magic - LP Bundle - Ochre Bundles

"The Doomsday Clock" T-Shirts:


Release Date: September 7, 2018

• "Cruel Magic" Yellow / Ochre Marble Vinyl
• "The Doomsday Clock" T-Shirt

Yellow / Ochre Marble Vinyl:
01. Into the Mouth of Eternity
02. Cruel Magic
03. The Doomsday Clock
04. Legions Hellbound
05. Ophidian

06. My Prophetic Soul
07. Death Knell for a King
08. Who Among Us
09. Ghosts of Monongah
10. Mortality

Vinyl Features:
+ Yellow / Ochre Marble Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ Digital Download Card
+ European Import (Limited to 200 Copies)

While standard bearers of the NWOBHM movement and responsible for '83's seminal Court In the Act and '87's Suspended Sentence, with Cruel Magic Satan make it abundantly clear that in 2018 they are not interested in simply capitalizing on past glories. Comprised of 10 tracks of searing metal, it is blatantly and profoundly the work of the Newcastle upon Tyne natives at their very best, infusing their signature sound with a more raw, wild and spontaneous vibe than they showcased on 2015's mighty Atom By Atom, in the process displaying more passion and energy than slews of bands half their age.

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