Cattle Decapitation Chummified T-Shirts

Cattle Decapitation Chummified T-Shirts

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Cattle Decapitation proudly announces collaboration with Gruesome Graphx!

Over the next four months, Cattle Decapitation will be releasing TWO new tee shirt designs each month as a collaboration with long-time friend and colleague-in-carnage, Gruesome Graphx! Each shirt will be based on a song from all eight Cattle Decap albums, from Human Jerky to The Anthropocene Extinction (though not in that order).

Next up is "The Decapitation of Cattle" from 1999''s Human Jerky album and "Chummified" from 2004's Humanure. 

CHUMMIFIED: Sharks. One of Earth's most misunderstood predators gets a little tasty treat in the form of a frozen bucket of body parts that the lyrics refer to as a "human gore-sicle". Just when you thought it was safe to put on a T-shirt!

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