Cattle Decapitation Krokodil Rot T-Shirts

Cattle Decapitation Krokodil Rot T-Shirts


Cattle Decapitation proudly announces collaboration with Gruesome Graphx!

Over the next four months, Cattle Decapitation will be releasing TWO new tee shirt designs each month as a collaboration with long-time friend and colleague-in-carnage, Gruesome Graphx! Each shirt will be based on a song from all eight Cattle Decap albums, from Human Jerky to The Anthropocene Extinction (though not in that order).

First up is "Testicular Manslaughter" from 2002's To Serve Man album and "Krokodil Rot" from our latest album "The Anthropocene Extinction"!

Krokodil Rot:
Here we see our mad cow turning the tables on a doctor who previously tested on animals in the name of human vanity; cosmetics. We ordered up a special tincture of dehydrodesoxymorphine aka "Krokodil" and have carelessly administered it to various parts of his body, ultimately destroying tissues and exposing bone in a disturbing display of vengeful art.