Krosis Solem Vatem CD + Tee Bundle Bundles

Krosis Solem Vatem CD + Tee Bundle Bundles

"Solem Vatem" T-Shirts:


Release Date: March 9, 2018

Bundle includes:

-Solem Vatem CD

-Solem Vatem T-shirt

It was 2014 when Krosis formed in Raliegh NC. A group of talent musicians and friends saw an unsatisfactory pattern starting within modern metal music. The diverse collaboration of influences that make up the framework of Krosis is why they put out the music that they do. Too much of modern death metal and deathcore is limited to a paradigm; Krosis seeks to eliminate boundaries. With backgrounds of rock, jazz, concert bands and music theory, they bring together many parts of a musical spectrum to emerge the new being that is Krosis into the hearts of thousands of lovers of heavy, themed music.

34440 VINE ST
WILLOWICK, OH 44095-5114

+1 (855) 210-1412

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