The Sword LP/Tee Bundle Bundles

The Sword LP/Tee Bundle Bundles

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Release Date: March 23, 2018

Bundle includes:

-Limited Edition Serpent Weather t-shirt featuring discharge ink "no feel" print on 100% cotton Next Level brand garment in "heavy metal" charcoal

-LP copy of Used Future on "Copper Cloud" vinyl, (limited pressing of only 1,000 pieces), with a bonus 12" single for the outtake "Serpent Weather" featuring an etching on the B-side by legendary tattooist Thomas Hooper - both exclusive to IndieMerch!

Track List:

1. Prelude
2. Deadly Nightshade
3. Twilight Sunrise
4. The Wild Sky
5. Intermezzo
6. Sea of Green
7. Nocturne
8. Don't Get Too Comfortable
9. Used Future
10. Come and Gone
11. Book of Thoth
12. Brown Mountain
13. Reprise